Recent testimonials from probate practitioners about Probate Plus

I have used Probate Plus for many years and frequently recommend it to others. It is a wonderful system and I couldn’t do without it.

It [ProbatePlus] seems to me to strike the right balance between producing professional looking accounts and user-friendliness…

I am always impressed with the Probate Plus team and once again thanks for your speedy reply!

Probate Plus takes all the faff and stress out of the dealing with accounts and preparing the Estate Accounts. It does all the hard work for you in a fraction of the time it would have taken!

If you wish to work efficiently and professionally Probate Plus is for your firm.

The accounts side of Probate Plus is invaluable in keeping up to date throughout the administration of an estate.

I love Probate Plus. It takes the headache out of preparing estate accounts and interim accounts are available instantly.

Probate Plus makes it easy to set up and maintain an accurate set of estate accounts. It saves me time and it means I can keep my clients fully up to date.

We initially used the DOS based software which we were very pleased with and when the time came to upgrade to the windows version we could not find another comparable product in terms of ease of use and flexibility. We would be truly lost without the benefits that the software offers in terms of reliable, accurate and readily accessible data and the huge efficiency gains linked to the saving of fee earner time. We are often complimented by Executors and beneficiaries on the format of the Estate accounts which provides all they need to know in an easy to follow format.

I have been using Probate Plus for over 10 years and have found it to be a very effective work tool. Without it I would have been unable to administer a number of high value and multiple asset estates during this period. I cannot recommend it too highly as a system for the efficient delivery of Probate and related matters. If practitioners are to remain competitive in a tighter market access to a technologically sophisticated support like Probate Plus will be essential.

I would just like to commend the Probate Plus program. I can fully recommend this. I have been using it for a number of years whilst I was a Partner in my previous firm. Since starting my own practice, my first thought was to install Probate Plus. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this was done and I was able to start using the program straight away. This is brilliant for those who deal with Probate work. Both user and client friendly and ideal to mitigate any risks.

One of the things we’re always very impressed with here is the speed with which you fix our problems – it makes life so much easier!

We found the one day training invaluable, it was of immense benefit to be able to expand our working knowledge of the software package Probate Plus which we use on a daily basis. We found Jeremy to be extremely personable and patient with all our questions and we appreciated his willingness to demonstrate new ways of using the software that we hadn’t already identified for ourselves. It was a very worthwhile exercise for the whole team and money well spent!

For us here, we find Probate Plus useful because the Estate Accounts can be prepared throughout the administration procedure, without having a whole day being used at the end to prepare and balance the accounts. It makes our job a lot easier.