Probate Plus - pricing

Flexible, because you pay for it as you use it (pay-as-you-go). Probate Plus is charged on a per probate basis. We call it “PECS” – Per Estate Charging System. Scroll down for full pricing details.

  • If you’re just looking for extra PECS (pay-as-you-go) units click here
  • There are no large upfront payments.
  • No annual support fees.
  • No dent in your cashflow.
  • Estate-by-estate invoicing available.

Probate Plus is fantastic value for money. You can have a powerful and robust probate support system and just pay as you go.

Of course flexibility is key, so if you wish to buy one at a time, no problem.  However if you prefer to have plenty at your disposal, we offer discounts as the quantity of units purchased increases.  We have outlined the costs of this below.

Probate Plus software system

Cost £
Starter kit :: (Initial cost of system, includes 2 PECS units, 1 x online training session, CloudLM account setup)299.00
1 PECS unit99.50
2-5 PECS units98.80 ea
6-9 PECS units98.00 ea
10 PECS units960.00
20 PECS units1857.00
30 PECS units2685.00
40 PECS units3438.00
50 PECS units4142.50
75 PECS units5973.75
100 PECS units7650.00
Additional HASP licence keyP.O.A

Optional extras

1. “ADS” database server (adds client-server functionality)
1 user licence146.00
2 user licence248.00
3 user licence414.00
5 user licence599.00
10 user licence1142.00
15 user licence1704.00
25 user licence2510.00
> 25 usersP.O.A
2. Training
New user training sessions (one-to-one direct to user’s desktop – per 1 hour session)100.00
Additional remote training sessions (one-to-one direct to user’s desktop – per 3/4 hour session)75.00
3. On-site installation / upgrade service.
On-site installation / upgrade service.P.O.A

We reserve the right to change pricing and specifications without prior notice.
All prices exclude UK VAT.