Probate software? Yes, "Probate Plus"...

Probate Plus : is probate accounting and case management software. Keep in-balance and under control.
Probate – EPA/LPA – Accounts – Flexible – Forms – Documents – Affordable – Comprehensive – UK support team

Features at a glance


Auto-balancing & auto-revising probate accounts and management.


Integrate with a variety of document and form systems (e.g. IHT400).


A consistent system, shared data, standardised output, easy file review.


Powerful search tools to review, locate and display postings.


Practice management analysis tools and metrics.


Network ready, team ready. Take control of your probate administrations.

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Probate Plus is a probate software system handling accounting and probate case management for anyone dealing with probate work. Regularly updated by Law Systems Ltd since 1992 and written for Microsoft Windows operating systems, it assists in the administration of a deceased’s estate, production of related forms, letters, documents, reports and most importantly, the accounts. The accounting side of probate software is often overlooked and what sets Probate Plus apart is a forensic capability that lets you flexibly build, analyse and review the often complex picture of a deceased estate.

Most importantly, Probate Plus allows you to keep the administration under control from day one and in a consistent manner for all your fee earners across your practice. It has a central store to record all information relating to the matter as it arises which is essential if you are to keep the accounts balanced at all times. The production of interim, final accounts and cash balancing at the press of a button makes our probate software an invaluable addition to any practice or anyone involved in winding up estates.

Probate Plus is designed to grow with you. The cost effective pay-as-you-go pricing for our probate software means there are no large up front fees and it’s easily scaled from single to multiple users on just about any type of infrastructure. For system requirements see here.

Probate Plus can be integrated with applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Oyez Legal Forms, Laserform and can also be controlled by 3rd party software. We’re also currently extending our integrations to support working with the FormEvo cloud-based forms system – keep an eye out for updates.

Developers looking for details on how to integrate the case management features of Probate Plus into an existing legal office system can contact us for further details.

If you are looking to compare probate software, let us demonstrate to you how Probate Plus is the logical choice, for efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability and ongoing support.

Straightforward pricing...

No mandatory annual fees, no large upfront payments. Probate Plus is fantastic value for money. You can have a powerful and robust probate support system and just pay as you go. Price list here : click to open price list


£ 339
  • 2 x pay-as-you-go units
  • 1 x new user training session
  • CloudLM account setup
  • FREE upgrades & support


£ 1689 +VAT
  • 1 x Starter pack
  • 10 extra pay-as-you-go units (12 total)
  • 2 extra new user training sessions (3 total)
  • FREE upgrades & support
low cost


£ 4453 +VAT
  • 1 x Starter pack
  • 25 extra pay-as-you-go units (27 total)
  • 6 extra new user training sessions (7 total)
  • 5 user ADS licence
  • FREE upgrades & support


There’s no hard sell, no spurious claims, and Probate Plus can be quickly installed to a Windows PC (physical or virtual) in no time at all. Easily scale from stand-alone to fully networked if you’re working as a team.