To keep your Probate Plus system up to date, examine the files available below and download the file(s) directly to your computer. Subscribe to the support e-mailing list to be kept informed of updates. See system requirements page for detailed Windows version compatibility information.

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Probate Plus version 5

Probate Plus 5
(EXE installer)

Installer for Probate Plus v5 application. Includes all files needed for stand-alone or network based installations.

If you want to evaluate this product, simply download and install – the “evaluation” mode is activated by default.

If you already have a CloudLM account or a HASP licence key, you can switch license mode by clicking “FILE..Per-estate licensing..Registration details” after you have installed the application.

When upgrading from previous editions, Probate Plus v5 can import and upgrade existing data from a number of previous versions.

Probate Plus 5
(MSI installer)

MSI edition of the Probate Plus v5 application installer.

Installation guide

A PDF document detailing stand-alone, network or upgrade installations for Probate Plus v5.

If you have difficulty downloading the installation guide, right click on the “Download now” button and select “Save target as” to download the file to your workstation.

Document pack

Document pack (DOCX)

Document pack for use with Microsoft Word word processor family. Contains 180+ standard documents (DOCX format) for use during probate administration.

The documents contain text-fields that can be automatically filled in by Probate Plus.

New unified installation system allows you to install non-window envelope or “DL window envelope” versions of the pack as well as optional components.

Form support (Acrobat / Oyez / Laserform)

Form support pack

Installs the Probate Plus form support pack for Adobe Acrobat, Advanced Legal Laserforms and Oyez Legal Forms.

The form support pack enables Probate Plus to help fill-in a variety of common forms such as the free PDF version of IHT400 from the Capital Taxes Office division of HMRC.

Note 1 : PDF form filling requires either the full version, or a file-and-print version of Adobe Acrobat (such as “Acrobat Standard / Acrobat Professional”). Will not work with the free “Acrobat Reader”.

Note 2 : Contains support for Oyez IHT400(all).

Note 3 : Contains support for Advanced Legal (was IRIS) Laserform IHT400+ series forms.

IHT400+ schedule sync tool

A free utility that scans a Laserform IHT400+ form bundle in order to check/un-check the tick boxes that show which supplemental forms have been used.


Utility program

The utility program can perform various tasks on your database files such as index corruption or damage and in most cases can repair any problems found.

Database corruption with Probate Plus is normally due to system failure such as network problems or workstations crashing. If database corruption becomes a repeat problem it will be worth moving to the full client-server version of Probate Plus. Contact the helpdesk for more details.

The utility can also rename matter references (to be used with caution) and produce various system reports.