The client-server upgrade boosts performance by offloading tasks to a central server.


Greatly reduce network traffic in multi-user environments. The server does the hard work.


Rather than each Probate Plus workstation duplicating effort, the database server centralises tasks.

Client-server upgrade, factsheet...

Upgrading to the full client-server edition of Probate Plus.

When Probate Plus is used in a multi-user environment we recommend the use of dedicated database server software (SAP‘s Advantage Database Server) to provide the following benefits:

  • Greatly reduced network traffic and better application response times.
  • Improved performance of Probate Plus, especially where low-bandwidth connections to the database files exist.
  • Much improved reliability and robustness of Probate Plus. As a dedicated database server is responsible for all access to the data files on behalf of client workstations, data corruption and damage due to network interruption / workstation failures etc. is eliminated.
  • Scalable – with a centralised server processing database requests for Probate Plus workstations, the application performance can be increased by ensuring the central database server is high-performance rather than having to ensure all workstations are high-performance.
  • A wide range of licence sizes available.

The client-server add on for Probate Plus is available direct from Law Systems Limited, please contact us to order. More information also available regarding pricing here.

TERMINAL SERVICES – IMPORTANT : If you intend to provision Probate Plus to your users via a multiplexed, “virtualisation” or terminal services environment, then a client-server database licence is mandatory. The size of the client-server database user licence needs to match the number of concurrent users which will be accessing Probate Plus.