Remote assistance

Securely share your desktop with a support technician.

Nothing beats sharing your desktop for obtaining help, training or for problem diagnosis. A support representative needs to be available in order to handle your request so if “No representative is available” is showing in the connection request form below, please contact us to book a session or use the extensive Probate Plus knowledgebase as many common answers are listed there.

We use GoToAssist from LogMeIn Inc. to provide remote assistance direct to your PC’s desktop. All sessions (screen/keyboard activity and any text chats) are recorded and held for 90 days for training and security purposes. Connections are end-to-end encrypted and your authorisation is needed before any screen-sharing can start. 


Please be sure to read any security notices carefully and select to "grant" or "allow" the download and running of the GoToAssist program where required. Assistance sessions can only be initiated by you and you can take control and terminate at any time. Once a support session is terminated it cannot be restarted without submitting a new remote assistance request.


By filling out the assistance request form and pressing the "Continue" button you agree/acknowledge the following:

1. You are requesting a remote access connection between your support representative and your PC.  The support representative is able to use your PC as if they were sat alongside you.
2. If your data protection policies require written authority, such as from your management team or your IT support staff, then please ensure you have obtained authority and sent it through to us prior to starting the assistance session.
3. Our support can only extend to help with Probate Plus and closely related applications.
4. Our privacy information page is here.